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Interested in playing sports?

Before participating in sports, an athlete must be registered on Family ID is a safe, secure online platform that Red Jacket will use for all of its sports registrations. You will find Pre-Participation medical questions online. In addition, a health appraisal (physical) must be completed and uploaded. Each season, an Interval Health History must be completed as well.
All required questions on FamilyID must be answered. Once an athlete's registration is completed and approved by the school nurse, the athlete will be able to participate in their sport.
Who is the Athletic Director (AD)? Mrs. Susan Franceschi

Where is the AD’s Office? In the High School; Room 139

Fall Sports:
(May preliminary sign-ups with FamilyID open July 11- August 8)
Cross Country

Winter Sports:
(October preliminary sign-ups with FamilyID open October 3-November 2)
Indoor Track

Spring Sports:
(February preliminary sign-ups with FamilyID open February 4-March 1)
Unified Basketball
Athletes Responsibilities: All athletes, coaches and parents/guardians are responsible for reading and complying with the rules, procedures and requirements within the Red Jacket Sports Athletic Department Handbook.  Handbooks will be available at the Athlete/Parent Meetings. Additional copies can be found on our school website at under the Athletics tab.  Good sportsmanship is a priority.  Proper conduct is expected at all events from not only our athletes but from our parents, as well.