Interested in playing sports?

Sports Offered

Want to play sports?? Use this link to register at the appropriate dates: 
Fall 2022 Season Start Dates Fall 2022 Family ID Registration Dates
Varsity Sports: August 22nd
Modified Football: August 25th
All Other Modified Sports: August 29th
Varsity Sports: July 23rd 
Modified Sports: July 30th

Students must have all required registration information entered online with FamilyID.  FamilyID is a secure, user-friendly, and cost effective way for you to register your participant(s). You enter all information one time—saving you the repetition of the paperwork from the past. FamilyID will have open registration periods for each season. Once the registration period closes, no late registrations will be accepted. 




Questions? Contact the Athletic Director (AD)--Ms. Shannon Bodine or the School Nurse--Ms. Julia Brown
**Athletes Responsibilities: All athletes, coaches and parents/guardians are responsible for reading and complying with the rules, procedures and requirements within the Red Jacket Sports Athletic Department Handbook.  Handbooks will be available at the Athlete/Parent Meetings. Additional copies can be found on our school website at under the Athletics tab.  Good sportsmanship is a priority.