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About Us

Our Mission

We will challenge all learners and work in partnership with students, parents and community to achieve high standards.


Our Vision

Every employee of the District plays a vital role in the success of our students. Together, we will develop and maintain the highest level of ethical and professional practice, demonstrating a culture of respect, cooperation, and pride, with care and dignity for all.


With uncompromising commitment in the pursuit of excellence, we will:

Meet the unique needs of every student regardless of social advantage, race, or gender and ensure a safe learning environment in which all students acquire necessary foundational skills.
Promote healthy habits and provide challenging, real-world learning experiences.
Cultivate student ownership for goal-setting, learning, and citizenship by partnering with families and community groups.
Promote a learning environment of critical thinking, creative problem-solving, self-direction and collaboration in order to maximize each student’s ability and potential to succeed in an ever-changing, highly technical and diverse world.

Our Core Beliefs and Values



We focus on what is best for students.



Challenge and learning are the goals and rewards.



We are all leaders and role models.



Everyone is treated with dignity and contributions are heard, valued and encouraged.



Open and honest dialogue ensures that we are all working towards a common goal.



Working together is critical to our success.



We are all accountable for continually improving our practice.



We seek out educational opportunities within and beyond the walls of our school.



We use our resources wisely.



We respect ourselves, each other and our school.


General Information About Our School

Manchester -Shortsville Central School, also known as Red Jacket, is a progressive school district located 30 miles southeast of Rochester at New York State Thruway Exit #43, in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes Region. The Thruway exit near the geographic center of the school district provides easy access to the Finger Lakes, Lake Ontario, and the cities of Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo.
Our school nickname, Red Jacket, is named in honor of Native American Seneca Chief Red Jacket (1750-1830) who, in his early years as a Chief was known as Sagoyewatha (Keeper Awake). Chief Red Jacket, Chief of the Wolf Clan, was a famous orator who spoke for the rights of his people. He took his name Red Jacket for the red coat he wore that was given to him by the British for his wartime services. In 1794, Red Jacket signed the Pickering Treaty in Canandaigua, which he negotiated to help secure Seneca territory for his people. 

The District includes a K-5 elementary building and a 6-8 middle school and 9-12 high school on a centralized campus. Recognizing the changing nature of education and the need to utilize modern research, technology and learning theory, Manchester-Shortsville is committed to a strong and active program of staff development encouraging professional growth.

Red Jacket draws its students primarily from the villages of Manchester and Shortsville. These villages, in central Ontario County, are located near the northern shore of Canandaigua Lake with its beautiful parks and recreation facilities.

To contact us:
1506 State Route 21, Shortsville, NY 14548
(585) 289-2160 (District Office)

District is 25 Square Miles
* All K-5 students are transported
* High School students beyond 1.5 miles are transported

Alma Mater

Red Jacket Central to thee we hail;
Our pride and glory in thee will not fail.
Hope and courage to us you bring;
Our Alma Mater, to thee we sing.

And though we leave your guiding ways;
Your teachings lead us through our days.
As we look up to the red and white;
Red Jacket Central, our shining light.