Welcome to RJ Athletics! Our pages are full of useful information. If you should need additional assistance, please feel free to call the Athletic Office at 289-3966. Thank you for checking us out!

Due to the Corona 19 pandemic, the fall sports season is still unknown.
For the safety of yourself and others, please remain 6-8 feet away from others;
wear masks, wash hands often....please stay safe and healthy. 
For anyone that missed the "Awards Drive By", your awards are at Red Jacket in either the MS or HS office. Call the offices prior to going over to be sure they are open when you arrive.
Thank you for your patience and understanding! 
Athletes, are you interested in playing fall sports? If so, go to the Interested in Playing Sports page (under the Athletics tab) and sign up for the sport you want to participate on (or find the link that was emailed to you)! Athletes should do this, not parents. Parents, look for FamilyID to open at the end of July. Thank you!
Check out the FLT Interview with Senior Chase Rizzo

                      Interested in coaching at RJ? Check out the Coaching Opportunities link!!

RJ strives for consistent, positive sportsmanship. Check out the sportsmanship page along with a great sportsmanship video from a NYS High School.  Also, be sure to read the Spectator Letter from Superintendent Dehn below:
RJ has gone green! RJ will no longer be accepting paper copies for athletic registration. All athletes must register each sport season on If you have any questions, please contact Athletic Director Sue Franceschi at or 289-3966 X1503.

No Practice/Game Schedule yet....


Red Jacket's most current Contest Schedule can be found at the link below:
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