The Manchester-Shortsville Central School District Transportation Department is focused on the safe transport of students to and from school as well as athletic and out-of-district trips. Our fleet includes over 20 buses and vehicles which are meticulously cared for by our Head and Assistant Mechanics. Did you know we have had a 100% D.O.T. rating for multiple years? 


School Bus

Recently we added Tyler Drive, a GPS and student accountability system, to each of our buses. This program provides students with the ability to be directly involved in their onboarding and exiting process, while providing drivers easy-to-read maps and information on tablets mounted on the bus. Turn-by-turn instructions provide substitute bus drivers with greater confidence to safely navigate routes, without having to rely on paper rosters. The new system also allows the Transportation Department to easily locate and assist each bus.


Beginning on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, K-5 students will receive their lanyard and card that will be used to scan on and off their bus in the morning and afternoon. Additional personnel will be available to assist your student. At each stop, the driver's tablet will display the names and photos of students who should be boarding or exiting at that bus stop. This information is secured in the Tyler Drive system using Advanced Encryption Standards. The information erases when the driver logs out of the tablet at the conclusion of their runs. 


Information for parents to know about the new bus passes:

*The District supplies the cards and students will receive them on lanyards and be asked to where them as they board and exit their bus in the morning and afternoon. They will be kept with the student's coat or bookbag in the classroom. 

*Students will be shown how to use the pass when they board their bus, the week of January 13, 2020. 

*No student information is stored on the bus pass. Each bus pass holds a random number that can only be recognized by Manchester-Shortsville's secure Tyler Drive system. 

*If a student forgets or loses their bus pass, the driver is able to register them manually on the tablet. Please have them report the loss to the Elementary Office. 


Should you have any questions regarding District transportation, please do not hesitate to contact us at 585.289.3925. If you wish to change the transportation information for your student after school is in session, please pick up a form in the elementary office.


As a reminder, when the District is closed due to weather, we do not provide transportation to any other school.