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Greetings from the NCAA Eligibility Center!


With the change in seasons, NCAA would like to provide you with a couple updates.


Final Amateurism Reminder for Your Student-Athletes

Students enrolling full-time at an NCAA Division I or II college or university in Fall 2019 may request their final amateurism certification starting April 1. They must complete this task in order to compete their freshman year. 


To request final amateurism, students should log in to their Certification Account at and:

  • Review their added sports and answers to sports questions. 
  • Check their graduation and enrollment dates and update if needed.
  • Review any open tasks and complete necessary information.

The following reminders are designed to help provide information to students and families and assist them with the registration, initial-eligibility and certification processes.

Updated resources for the 2019-20 school year can be found on our Educational Resources page and include:

More resources are coming soon! Check back to the Educational Resources page for updates.


Also, the NCAA Eligibility Center began a text-messaging program to reach out to registered prospective student-athletes.  This program will reach out to U.S. phone numbers only, and will be used primarily to notify students when critical tasks are open within their Eligibility Center certification account. Texting will be limited to no more than four texts per month per student.