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Red Jacket Rebranding Information and Updates

March 2024

Dear Community Members,

As we emerge from the winter months and weather, I want to take a moment to highlight some of the recent bright spots from across our wonderful district.

At February’s Tuesday Town Hall Meeting, we engaged in discussion on the district’s current and upcoming goals. I shared my findings from the more than 150 interviews I conducted with community members, staff, students, and board members, as well as the key areas identified through the interviews, including district culture, staff recruitment and retention, and continuous improvement.

Meeting attendees voiced a need for improved communication and consistency across all platforms, from our website to social media channels. We also discussed the significance of terminology and symbolism when it comes to our ongoing rebranding efforts, as well as potential legal challenges and considerable financial implications associated with legal proceedings.

Last week, we held our second official Rebrand Advisory Committee meeting. This dedicated committee continues to aid in our rebranding efforts, especially with regard to our Community Pride Survey. During the committee meeting, we had an open dialogue on the survey results and trends. 

More than 700 total surveys were submitted by current and former community members, students, parents, staff, alumni, and other stakeholders. The earliest alumni/former attendee graduating class submitted was 1963, while the youngest submissions came from our Pre-Kindergarten students by way of a modified survey format. 

More than 2,250 unique keywords were submitted for the question “What makes you PROUD to be a part of the Red Jacket School District?” For the question, “If you were to pick a NEW symbol or image to represent Red Jacket, what would it be?” more than 1,100 unique suggestions were provided. We are in the process of analyzing this data, and plan to release additional updates in the near future.

This month’s Tuesday Town Hall meeting is scheduled for March 26. For those with questions related to district and rebranding finances, District Business Administrator Tim Burns will be available to answer questions on the topic.  

In closing, I want to reiterate our commitment to PRIDE—Partnership, Respect, Integrity, Dignity, and Excellence—as well as our mission of challenging all learners and collaborating with students, parents, and the community to achieve high standards. It’s essential that we uphold these principles as we strive for inclusivity and equity throughout our amazing district.

For the latest district news and information, visit www.redjacket.org.

With Red Jacket PRIDE,

Christopher J. Barnard

Superintendent of Schools

Manchester-Shortsville CSD

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