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Red Jacket Rebranding Information and Updates

December 2023
Dear Community

As we approach the end of 2023, I'm happy to present our third monthly district mascot rebrand update. As always, thank you to those who have shown support and involvement in this ongoing process.


At Red Jacket, our commitment to PRIDE—Partnership, Respect, Integrity, Dignity, and Excellence—remains steadfast. This commitment, as well as our mission that states, “We will challenge all learners and collaborate with students, parents, and the community to achieve high standards," stands as our foundation throughout this New York State Education Department-mandated change.


I’m thrilled to report that our inaugural Tuesday Town Hall meeting on November 28 was a success. Community members and myself discussed topics like expanded community engagement, as well as rebranding timelines, costs, and other concerns. Additional discussions covered website accessibility, future events, and an emphasis on fostering an informed, involved, and connected community.


I hope to see even more members of our community at our next Tuesday Town Hall meeting scheduled for Tuesday, December 19 and subsequent meetings scheduled for the last Tuesday of each month through the school year. Additionally, I'll continue providing monthly community updates following each month’s Board of Education meeting.


We have begun the process of forming a Rebrand Advisory Committee comprised of community members, organization representatives, and district stakeholders. This committee will assist us through this transformative phase, and help ensure inclusivity in our decision-making. More information about the Rebrand Advisory Committee will be available next month.


To address community questions regarding financial implications and the impact of the district rebrand, we're arranging for district Business Administrator Tim Burns to attend an upcoming Tuesday Town Hall meeting, tentatively scheduled for March.


Once again, thank you to those who continue to share their feedback. I would also like to extend heartfelt appreciation to those who attended our first-ever Tuesday Town Hall meeting; your willingness to attend and provide thoughtful insight is pivotal as we strive to make this process as transparent and inclusive as possible.


For the latest district information, visit our district website at www.redjacket.org. Rebranding news and information can be found on the district website by going to the "District" dropdown menu and selecting "Rebranding Info & Updates."

With Red Jacket PRIDE,

Christopher J. Barnard

Superintendent of Schools

Manchester-Shortsville CSD

Town Hall Dates
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