Ontario County Youth Court Inductions & Graduations

On Wednesday, June 6, Ontario County Youth Court held a ceremony at Finger Lakes Community College. They celebrated the great history of the Ontario Youth Court and honored the youth involved. You can learn more about youth court in the attached news story. 
Mollie Biehl and Brynnli Sawyer are seniors at Red Jacket who 
 from the program as they move on
​ ​
to new pursuits. Ian Krager, also a Red Jacket senior who graduated in December, is employed as the Communications Specialist for the court. His hard work paid off this year as he visited area high schools and brought in the largest inductee class ever. In that new group are Red Jacket students:
Evan Anderson
Alicia Metcalf
Matthew Parks
Autumn Morrison
Steffon Godfrey-Reyes
Congratulations to the graduates and new inductees!