Sad News

Dear Red Jacket Community:

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the death of Billy Stubinger/Plaisted, a 9th grader in our school and the son of Rosalie Plaisted and Jeff Plaisted. Billy succumbed to his injuries from the house fire that occurred two nights ago. His loss will be forever felt. Billy was an exceptional young man and he was loved by his Red Jacket family.

Students will have varied reactions to the death of a peer. Children deal with grief in many ways and there is no right way to grieve. Some cry, and some do not cry, and some recall personal memories, while others remain silent. I encourage you to openly discuss with your child their reactions and feelings regarding Billy’s death. The most important thing we can do is to be supportive and encourage an open expression of feelings.

We have implemented a plan for responding to this situation in order to help our students and their families. Although the school year has ended, our Counseling staff will be available to the students who need special attention and support throughout next week.

I am not sure of the final funeral and visiting hour arrangements. We will inform you of details on our website when they become available. If you decide to have your child attend calling hours, I encourage you to attend with them. There will not be an official delegation of students from school attending as we believe that this is a situation that is best handled by individual families.

Please call 585-289-3966 if you would like to schedule a time to speak to a school counselor. We can also help to obtain outside assistance or consultation if it is needed.

We know you will join us in our concern and sympathy for Billy’s family.

Charlene Dehn,
Superintendent of Schools