Red Jacket Graduates of Distinction

The main purpose of the proposed program is to recognize alumni of Red Jacket High School who have achieved distinction through outstanding accomplishments or lifetime achievements. The program would serve to honor and celebrate alumni contributions, as well as inspire current and future Red Jacket students. Several area school districts have implemented similar programs with great success.
A group of staff members led by English teacher Stacy Liberati is in the process of forming a committee and setting criteria for nominations and selection of members. In addition to three staff members, the proposed selection committee would also include two students who are members of the National Honor Society, as well as three members of the Manchester-Shortsville community.
If you are interested in potentially serving on the nomination and selection committee, please contact Stacy Liberati at Red Jacket High School at [email protected] or at 289-3966. 
Committee Members:
Stacy Liberati (Chair)
Mark Bracy
Brendan Harrington
Colleen Joy
Paula Haylo
Roxie Merithew
Samantha Cassavaugh
The nomination form is available as a google form and the PDF can be found under the "Community" tab on our website. We will accept completed forms through November 1.