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Red Jacket School Library

UPK Students in the Library

The Red Jacket School Library is a dynamic center for learning and community engagement, serving all students from UPK to Grade 12. Offering a diverse collection of books, digital resources, and multimedia materials, the library fosters curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity among students and educators. Led by dedicated media specialists, it provides innovative programming and collaborative projects, empowering students to become discerning readers and adept researchers. The library celebrates the joy of reading and the power of storytelling, enriching the educational experience for all who enter its doors.

My Friends Closet

photo of My Friends Closet

The school library has evolved into a place that is far more than checking out books. With new technology and ample learning space, the school library is a great place for all students to either study, or just destress. Here at Red Jacket schools, our library has even more to offer, My Friend’s Closet.

My Friend’s Closet is a place all students can go if they are in need of clothes or shoes. Whether it’s because they forgot their jacket at home, need snow boots to go outside, or just like one of the shirts on the rack, any student can go and take what they need. There are even dresses for those who may need to find something for the school dance.

Mrs. Emma Lampley, the Middle School Counselor, came up with the idea. She worked the Karen Burns, the Red Jacket Library Media Specialist, to help make it a reality. “Students don’t need a reason,” said Karen Burns. “They can just come in at any time and grab something the need or like.”

Everything found in My Friend’s Closet has been donated by the Red Jacket faculty and staff.