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The Manchester-Shortsville Central School District would like to thank the following organizations, individuals, and scholarship providers who contribute to the list of scholarships below. Your generosity is helping our graduates pursue their continued education in post-secondary institutions of learning.

Amanda Peck Nursing Scholarship

American Legion Auxiliary Unit 34 Scholarship

Bob Goodell Memorial Scholarship

Bridget Brown Memorial Scholarship

Cindy Coffey Memorial Scholarship

Clara Johnson Scholarship

Class of 1994 Memorial Scholarship

Dale Bardun Citizenship Award

Dominic Carra Memorial Scholarship

Ellen McWilliams Scholarship

Erin Alicia Mangan-Isaacs Memorial Scholarship

Finger Lakes Gaming & Racetrack Scholarship

First Baptist Church of Manchester Scholarship

Fred “Soot” Record Scholarship

Gary H. Bliss Memorial Scholarship

Grape Lakes Family Dental Scholarship

Herendeen Trade/Technical Scholarship

James McNinch Scholarship

James Weed Scholarship

Jane Cunion Scholarship

Joshua Herendeen Memorial Scholarship

Joshua Lewis Memorial Scholarship

JS Goodnow Scholarship

Judith Macri Memorial Scholarship

Leon & Ruth Malter Cooley Scholarship

Madge & Ward Preston Scholarship

Manchester Volunteer Fire Department Scholarship

Manchester Shortsville Ladies Lions Club

Margaret Vienna Memorial Scholarship

Mary Ann King Memorial Scholarship

Mary C. D’Arduini Memorial Scholarship

Mary Sassone Nursing Scholarship

Michael D. Misleany Memorial Scholarship

Monica B. and James E. Romeiser Scholarship

Neil Harkenrider Memorial Scholarship

NYS Academic Excellence Scholarship

Philip J. D’Ardiuni Memorial Scholarship

Philip N. Bredesen Jr. Scholarship

Red Jacket Community Scholarship

Red Jacket Faculty Association Scholarship

Red Jacket Memorial Scholarship

Red Jacket PTSA Scholarship

Red Jacket Rotary Club Award

Richard “Dick Southard” Memorial Scholarship

RJ Adult Athletic Association Sportsmanship and Leadership Award

Red Jacket Scholarship Walk-a-thon

Robert Hulbert Memorial Scholarship

Sons of the American Legion Americanism Award

Stewart Matthews Memorial Scholarship

Sue Dorscheid Memorial Scholarship

Timothy & Elaine Benjamin Scholarship

Turner Schrader American Legion Scholarship - John Gardner

Turner Schrader American Legion Scholarship - Dorothy & Melvin Nessinger

Twin Cities Lions Club Scholarship

Twin Cities Lions Club Vocational Scholarship

William Plaisted Memorial Scholarship