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College Entrance Exams

Testing Requirements

Although standardized test scores are perhaps the last criteria colleges consider in the admissions process, colleges use them as a means to see how students compare to other college-bound students in the country. they are also used as indicators of college success. The following paragraphs cover testing topics that most often generate questions, followed by a timeline for college admissions testing.

Upcoming Test Dates:




The Preliminary SAT and the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test is designed to provide practice for students in the fall of their junior year for the SAT. It can also be taken by some sophomores who have been excellerated in math. The test is used to select the top scholars in the country for Merit Scholarship awards. The test includes a Verbal and a Math section, identical to the SAT 1, as well as a writing skills section which is like the SAT 11: Writing Subject Test. After the test, students receive a score report which gives a detailed picture of how you did on the test.


The SAT is a nationally recognized college entrance exam. It has 6 sections, 3 verbal and 3 math and are each assigned a score on a scale of 200-800 for a maximum combined score of 1600. There is also a writing component now for a maximum score of 800 as well, however most colleges are still not looking at this score for decision-making purposes.

SAT 11

These are nationally recognized college entrance exams on specific subjects. Typically, only highly competitive colleges require these.