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Visual & Digital Arts

red jacket students in classroom

The Manchester-Shortsville Central School District's Arts Program is a dynamic platform for student creativity and expression, offering diverse opportunities in visual and digital arts. Recognizing the importance of these disciplines, our program aims to nurture creativity, critical thinking, communication, and technological literacy in students.

Through engagement in visual and digital arts, students develop innovative problem-solving skills, gain cultural understanding, and cultivate the ability to communicate effectively. We are committed to providing students with the tools and experiences necessary to become lifelong advocates for the arts.

Spring Arts Festival

The Red Jacket Spring Arts Festival celebrates the creative talents of students from our district. This annual event showcases a diverse collection of visual and digital artwork produced throughout the school year. From captivating paintings and sculptures to innovative digital creations, the festival offers a glimpse into the artistic journey of our students. Through this platform, students have the opportunity to share their unique perspectives, ideas, and stories with the school community and beyond. The Red Jacket Spring Arts Festival not only highlights the importance of the arts in education but also celebrates the creativity, imagination, and dedication of our students.