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Brian Weller,   
Director of Teaching, Learning, Accountability

Technology will be integrated throughout the Manchester-Shortsville Central School District so that all learners will be technologically proficient in our rapidly changing society.

The guiding beliefs are broad and far-reaching statements that guide our goals and determine the direction we are taking when it comes to technology in our district.


  1. Becoming a successful citizen in our society is dependent upon the effective use of technology and technological devices.
  2. We must provide access to technology as a tool for all students, staff, and community in order to encourage problem solving, exploration and learning.
  3. Technology should be an integrated natural aspect of the curriculum and school environment. (Aligned with State Standards)
  4. Technology should be utilized as tools by students and staff to enhance the learning process and to expand services to students.
  5. On-going support and training for staff and students are necessary components for effective technology use.
  6. Recognizing the rapidly changing nature of technology, our district plan should be reviewed regularly to ensure our staff and students are continually learning, have access to state of the art technology, are able to seamlessly use and integrate technology and are prepared for the future.

Chromebook 1:1 Program

The Manchester-Shortsville Central School District’s mission is to challenge all learners and work in partnership with students, parents, and the community to achieve high standards. We also believe that excellence, communication, collaboration, continuous improvement, and resourcefulness are all characteristics of vital schools.

We are also tasked with preparing students for the world after school. To that end, we believe in the Partnership for 21st Century Skills’ vision for student success in the new global economy. Not only must students have a strong base of core knowledge, “students must also learn the essential skills for success in today’s world, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration.”

We believe that putting Chromebooks into the hands of students both in their homes and at school will help us to achieve our goals. Our hope is that these low-cost devices will ensure that the school doors are not a barrier that prevents students from having the tools they need to succeed at home.    

2022-2025 Technology Plan