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Rebranding Information

Celebrating Our Past, Inspiring Our Future

The district is excited to announce that our school name has officially changed to the Red Jacket Cardinals! This comes following the New York State-mandated rebrand. This decision was made following two comprehensive surveys conducted among students and the community. The collected data was thoroughly reviewed by the Rebranding Committee, which included community members, alumni, teachers, students, and administrators. We believe the new name embodies our spirit and pride, and we look forward to representing the Red Jacket Cardinals with honor and enthusiasm.

Cardinal Characteristics

A cardinal isn't just an ordinary bird, it symbolizes new beginnings and hope. In Native American cultures, cardinals are seen as messengers from the spirit world, believed to bring guidance, protection, and comfort to those in need. The red cardinal, often associated with the winter season, stands out as a vibrant reminder of life amid the starkness of winter. As the cold weather approaches and nature's greenery and exotic colors fade, the sight of a red cardinal in a snowstorm serves as a powerful symbol of resilience and the enduring spirit of the season.

Survey Results

Survey 1:

More than 700 submissions were made by current and former community members, students, parents, staff, alumni, and other stakeholders for our first survey. When asked, "If you were to pick a NEW symbol or image to represent Red Jacket, what would it be?", the Cardinal was the most suggested.

Survey 2:

For the second survey, the district received more than 1,100 submissions by community members, students, parents, staff, alumni, and other stakeholders. The results were as followed.

  1. CARDINALS - 515 (45%)
  2. RAIL HAWKS - 484 (42%)
  3. BEARS - 146 (13%)

Grand Total - 1,145

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