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Red Jacket Robotics Team Competes in Finger Lakes Regional at RIT

Red Jacket Robotics Team Competes in Finger Lakes Regional at RIT

The excitement was palpable at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) as the Finger Lakes Regional Competition for robotics unfolded from March 14th to March 16th. Among the more than 50 teams hailing from various corners of the globe, was the Red Jacket Robotics team.

Each year presents a new challenge for these robotics enthusiasts, and this year was no exception. The task at hand was to design a robot capable of flinging a foam ring, symbolizing a "note," into a speaker, a large box with a small slot. Additionally, there were several other mini-tasks within the arena where teams could accumulate points.

For the Red Jacket team, composed of 10 student members, the road to competition was paved with hard work and determination. With over 100 hours invested in preparation, the team convened weekly, often sacrificing weekends to fine-tune their creation. The final iteration of their robot was completed mere hours before the commencement of the competition, a testament to their commitment and perseverance.

Junior John Button, a member of the team, expressed his optimism about their progress, "I feel really good about the direction of our team. I joined in 9th grade, and even over the course of two years, I’ve seen great improvement. We have great people on the team, capable people on the team, and everyone is willing to learn."

Their efforts did not go unnoticed. Throughout the competition, the Red Jacket Robotics team showcased not only their technical skills but also their collaborative spirit and pride. The Red Jacket Robotics team has already emerged as champions in their own right, embodying the true essence of innovation and teamwork.

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