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District Safety Information

Emergency Response Coordinator: 

Karen Hall
(585) 289-3478

School safety is the job of the entire school community. This effort requires leadership and coordination by school administration, and involvement and participation from all sectors of the school community. Planning, conducting drills and participating in exercises with law enforcement, fire, emergency officials and other members of the school community ensures a comprehensive, unified approach to school emergency response planning. Building relationships and community engagement are vital to building a safer school community

See Something, Say Something

The Safe School Helpline is a confidential way to report student concerns about threats, suicide, drugs, bullying or anything that threatens the safety of our schools. Available 24/7.

Call: (800) 418-6423, ext. 359

Text: TIPS to (614) 426-0240


Mobile App: Download the FREE app from the GOOGLE PLAY STORE and the APPLE APP STORE

The app makes it easy to anonymously report a safety or mental health concern using your mobile device to text, call, or submit an online form. 

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