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Code of Conduct

All student participants/athletes must abide by Red Jacket’s Code of Conduct. Conduct rules for non-team or non-club issues address violations of school rules, as well as violations of good citizenship. Some examples of unacceptable behavior both on and off school property include: unsportsmanlike conduct, truancy or illegal absence from school or classes, insubordination, fighting, lack of cooperation with school personnel, vandalism, Internet/social media misconduct, violation of the rights of others, bullying, stealing, hazing, assault, and harassment.

If school rules are broken, a participant will face school penalties (detentions, in school or out of school suspensions, etc.) associated with the infraction as well as any consequences outlined herein.  In serving penalties, special consideration will not be given to an athlete/participant beyond those given to all students. All detention forms will be made available to the Athletic Director/Coach/Advisor and the participant may face additional suspensions from their next scheduled contests/events. 

If a student is serving a half or full day of in school (ISS) or out of school (OSS) suspension on a particular day or days, he/she is also excluded from practices/contests/events for that day(s). Conduct that leads to ISS or OSS will be subject to review by the Athletic Director/Advisor and the participant may face additional suspension or removal from their sport/activity/club. 

Coaches or Advisors may have their own additional expectations for their respective team/club. Coaches/Advisors, in consultation with the Athletic Director/Building Principal, will determine an appropriate disciplinary action for failure to abide by the team’s/club’s expectations not addressed in this handbook. The consequence will be based on the nature of the misconduct, the level of severity, and the number of times it occurs. The disciplinary action set by the Coach/Advisor may include, but is not limited to, warnings, playing time reductions, game suspensions, and dismissal from the team.

Code of Conduct Student-Athlete Contract

Athletics & Extracurricular Activities Handbook