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Concussion Policy

A concussion is a reaction by the brain to a jolt or force that can transmitted to the head by an impact or blow occurring anywhere on the body. Essentially a concussion results from the brain moving back and forth or twisting rapidly inside the skull.

The Concussion Management and Awareness Act requires schools to develop a written concussion management policy. Each school coach, physical education teacher, nurse, and athletic trainer will have to complete an approved course on concussion management on a biennial basis. Schools must also provide concussion management information and sign off with any parental permission form.

Parents can find all necessary protocols and documents below.

Return to Play Protocol

*Minimum of 24 hours must be allotted for each individual step
*No Return to Play steps until the School’s Medical Director clearance is submitted to the Red Jacket Nurse’s Office

  1. No physical activity, complete rest
  2. Light exercises: walking or stationary bike with no symptoms
  3. Sport specific activities: without contact and no symptoms
  4. Return to practice: no contact, resume resistance training and no symptoms
  5. Return to practice: full contact
  6. Return to full active participation


  1. If symptoms return at any time during the steps, the player must wait until asymptotic for 24 hours, then re-start at the previous step.
  2. Never return to competition while symptomatic.
  3. The student should be monitored for recurrence of symptoms due to mental exertion, such as reading, working on computers, or taking a test.
  4. When in doubt, sit them out

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