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Athletics Office

Athletics Director:
Shannon Brown
Phone: (585) 289-3966



Athletics Registration

Red Jacket strongly supports the commitment to interscholastic athletic programs as an essential educational opportunity available to students. For the participants, sports provide the opportunity to develop the skills and abilities essential to becoming a well-rounded individual and finding success in life. Young men and women develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially through participation in properly conducted interscholastic athletic programs. 

In order for students to participate in the RJ Athletic Program, the following must occur:

  • A physical exam dated within 12 months of the season start date uploaded to
  • A current Health History Form completed through (within 30 days prior to season start)
  • ImPACT baseline Cognitive Testing completed here at RJ (must be updated every two years)
  • Interval Health History Form unless a physical examination has been concluded within 30 days before the start of the season. 

Students must have all required registration information entered online with FamilyID.  FamilyID (see letter below) is a secure, user-friendly, and cost effective way for you to register your participant(s). You enter all information one time—saving you the repetition of the paperwork from the past. FamilyID will have open registration periods for each season (see chart below). Once the registration period closes, no late registrations will be accepted. There will be no exceptions to these deadlines. 

What do I do after I get registered?

  • Nothing...all "paperwork information" will be sent to school nurse electronically
  • After she receives all required documentation, and clears the athlete, both the nurse and FamilyID will let the Athletic Director and Coach know athlete is cleared to participate.


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