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Red Jacket Points of PRIDE

2015-2016 School Year

Red Jacket High School ranks in the top 10% of public schools across the nation!

According to US News & World Report’s 2015 Best High Schools report, Red Jacket High School earned, once again, the Silver Medal Award, ranking us in the top 10% across the nation and top 15% across the state for best high schools. State proficiency tests for math and English and Advanced Placement (AP) test data are part of the three-step process used to determine the best high schools ranking.

Statistics released to Buffalo Business First from the New York State Education Department shows Red Jacket ranking number four in Ontario County for college readiness. Based on Regents exam scores for math and English and local, Regents and Advanced Regents diploma data from 426 high schools across New York State, aspirational performance measure (APM) rates placed Red Jacket High School in the top 20% for college readiness.

Many of our students graduate from Red Jacket High School with college credits; some with most of their freshman year of college already under their belts! This June, 74% of our senior class will be graduating with college credits and 80% of our juniors and seniors are taking AP or other college-level courses.

We may be small, but we get BIG results!

ADVOCATE for Red Jacket:

We are pleased that the State approved a 2016-2017 budget that includes $253,000 in GEA State Aid, which is the remaining amount owed to Red Jacket from the $1.1 MILLION in State Aid that was taken away from our school going into the 2009-2010 school year. During this time period, 30 positions across all levels, were reduced or eliminated. Although we are grateful the state has eliminated the GEA, there continues to be a need for advocacy due to the following school funding issues:
  • The continual underfunding of our schools creates major obstacles for budget planning (beyond one year at a time), maintaining programs for our children and increasing educational opportunities for our students.
  • Since the Foundation State Aid Formula for schools is based on the expectation of local property taxes funding a share of the school’s budget, and for Red Jacket, there is already an estimated shortfall of $1.6 MILLION in Foundation Aid, the property tax cap will prohibit our school from raising the revenues needed to close the gap between available resources and the amount needed to sustain our schools programs beyond next year and moving forward if the State continues to defer full implementation of the Foundation Aid Funding amounts that are based on the “actual cost” of ensuring the opportunity of a sound basic education for all students.
  • The property tax rates in our school district are too high and among the highest in our area.  Property values vary between neighborhoods and from district to district.  Therefore, school funding relying on local property taxes, creates an imbalance in school funding from school district to school district and places more burden on property owners whose property taxes are already too high. 
  • The tax cap, that excludes New York City, prohibits school districts from increasing tax rates by more than 2%, or the last year’s increase in the consumer price index, whichever is less, without 60% voter approval.  Red Jacket’s 2016-2017 tax cap is 0.719% or approximately $52,000.
  • Approximately 45% of our students receive free or reduced price lunch, which is just under the threshold of 50% that is the poverty level typically used to qualify for other grant funding opportunities. There is a lack of additional resources for performing schools with moderate poverty levels.
  • There are nearly 140 State and Federal mandates, most of which are not funded (including the new voting machine requirements).
  • The uncontrolled escalation of expenditures associated with health insurance, pensions, and workers compensation add to the school’s budgeting challenges.

Assemblyman Brian Kolb


District Office: Albany Office

607 West Washington Street Legislative Office Building

Suite 2 Room 933

Geneva, NY 14450 Albany, NY 12247

Phone: (315) 781-2030 (518) 455-3751

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Governor of New York State

NYS State Capitol Building

Albany, NY 12224

Tweet the Governor: @NYGovCuomo
Thank you to all of our students, parents and community members for supporting quality education and promoting and believing in the integrity of our school’s mission of working in partnership to achieve high standards. Together, we get results!
With Red Jacket PRIDE

Charlene Dehn

Superintendent of Schools