Portraits due December 7

Mrs. Frey and I are planning the 2021 Yearbook for your senior. We have a lot of ideas in mind to cover all the traditional parts of our yearbook, as well as new and different ways to make this year's book special.

Right now is the perfect time for you and your senior to take pictures for the senior layout. You can contact a photography studio of your choice - they are open and ready to take your picture. If you want to take your own, that is fine too. Please adhere to the following guidelines when choosing the picture to be included:

  1. Vertical image, mid-drift to head - take a close-up shot as this will fill the frame better. 

  2. School dress code applies - all seniors should choose clothing that covers all the right places. Feel free to take others for your personal use, but the one submitted to the yearbook should not have spaghetti straps, be strapless, or show skivies.  

  3. Images can be touched up by professionals, but should not be overly filtered. If the image is filtered to the point the person is unrecognizable or distorted, we will ask for another.

  4. Do not take a screen shot of a picture someone sent you- original files are best for quality

  5. No props or hats unless you are in uniform.

  6. If an image is not submitted or if you choose, we will use the picture taken for RJ school IDs. We will get them directly from The Country Studios, our contracted photographer.
You can send the image (subject line Student Name) to [email protected] .