Manchester-Shortsville Central School District 2020-2021 Reopening Plan

Red Jacket Reopening Plan & Information


The Manchester-Shortsville Central School District’s reopening plan is located here:

Manchester-Shortsville Central School District 2020-2021 Reopening Plan


The plan has been submitted to the New York State Department of Health for review.   Also provided, is a link to a Zoom meeting conducted by the Red Jacket Leadership Team, in response to the questions and comments we received through our surveys and Reopening Safety Planning and Continuity of Learning documents that were shared with parents, students, and staff. 


We received responses from 429 parents/guardians, 106 students, and 108 staff members.  For one week, these shared documents were open for input, comment, and for everyone to have the opportunity to express their thoughts, and exchange and share ideas.  We believe that by sharing the planning documents, receiving input from ALL stakeholders, and by meeting with staff individually, in small groups, and through Zoom meetings, we provided additional, meaningful opportunities for input in this comprehensive planning process with complete transparency.  Our work is ongoing and planning will continue. 

Red Jacket Leadership Team Zoom


We look forward to this opportunity for a safe, phased-in reopening with our students and staff.  #StrongerTogether