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Lesson Plan Template - using google! 

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Two Simple Ways to Create a Table of Contents in Google Docs

Download on your PC, Mac, tablet, and phone. Create tabs, notebooks, and folders to organize and hold your information. Type, hand write, or sketch your thoughts. Store photos, videos, documents, e-mails, etc...OneNote is a big binder for everything. It works well with other Microsoft programs. In Outlook you can send an entire attachment to the folder you want to store it in. There is a tool that allows you to capture screenshots. You can also print anything to OneNote. Just drag in Office files. It all syncs on a cloud and everything is live all the time. There is no save button as it is always saving. Start by creating a Microsoft One Drive Account - Go to to sign up!

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Synergyse - This is a training tool for all teachers and students. You access training videos via the Chrome browser and your Red Jacket Google account. The videos are tutorials on how to use various Google Apps. They are on demand and can be viewed at any time, from home or school. Stay tuned for additional information!

LAN School This tool reduces student distraction by blanking screens, limiting applications and limiting web browsing. Students stay on task and complete assignments. Teachers are able to monitor all students on one screen that allows them to view what students are doing, co-browse with them on the internet, and send messages to the entire class or to individual students. There is a feature that allows teachers to speak (via the microphone on the student’s computer) directly to individuals.

Students can complete quick quizzes and the teacher is able to gather real time information on comprehension of the material. Watch for expanded opportunities in the future to equip classrooms with this technology.

Free web based application. Allows you to sign up for a free account and select a video (you tube, vimeo, etc..) and then attach questions to the video for students to answer. The questions that you’ve added appear as black question marks in yellow circles within the video. You set the timing for the questions to “pop up” – it then stops the video and students choose an answer and then the video resumes. Excellent way to increase attention and create accountability for watching a video. You can build classes and then assign dates for videos. The monitor button will allow you to download results from your classes if you purchase the premium package. Ability to embed within your web site.

Translates difficult text into more readable text. Translates certain words within text and you are able to print out the translation. If you hover over the highlighted words it tells you which word(s) it replaced. Gives you text information, allows you to save it, prints a list of words that were changed and creates a vocabulary list. It appears to make changes based upon reading levels. Great feature is the ability to pull a vocabulary list for a specific piece of text. You can also choose the highlighted words and it will read the words to you. There are some custom settings.

Smart Response System - The district currently has several systems available. They interact with your smart board and allow you to create quizzes and administer them using the interactive remotes (primary remotes have shapes, older remotes are like TV remotes, new remotes have texting capability). The teacher receives immediate feedback when checking for understanding. If you are interested in using the remotes, see Sherry in the MS/HS or Sue in the ES. They will be happy to sign the system out to you and connect you other teachers who are already using the remotes in their classrooms. 


Open Class – Collaborative effort between Google and Pearson


  • Syncs seamlessly with the RJ google accounts

  • Students have a dashboard with their classes

  • Students can post to a class

  • Teachers are able to post announcements on the dashboard

  • Students can ask questions and answer questions

  • Chat feature – Students can chat with one another and teachers – it remembers all of the conversations with students and documents it forever

  • Notifications

  • Google Docs

  • Google Calendar

  • Units are listed to the left

  • You can add assignments to the google calendar

  • You can upload PDF’s that can be saved or printed

  • You can add content pages (basic text editor) with images and text

  • Upload page for PDF’s and Microsoft Word documents

  • You can add links for students to work on

  • Great for enrichment – Host videos from Google Drive for students to use for enrichment (i.e. The Olympic Games 1936 – additional option for students that finish early)

  • You can hide items that you don’t want students to have access to

  • Ability to set up study groups and see what collaborative work students have worked on – easy to set up collaboration amongst students

  • Students who are absent are able to access this and complete work so they aren’t behind when they return

Free tool that helps you grade multiple choice or fill in the blank assessments. Also computes average assignment score, average score per question (and flags low scoring questions), shows you a grade distribution graph, gives you the option to e-mail each student their grade and an answer key, and lets you send individualized feedback to each student. 

Web-based tool that helps teachers to unpack and prioritize state standards, create lesson plans and curriculum maps, build standards based assessments using bubble sheets or online assessment, analyze assessment results, and receive both individual and group reports on student performance. All RJ teachers have an account. Please contact Kris Guererri if you need sign on information.