Presentation Possibilities
Because all Service Learning Projects are different, the way that Service Learning Projects are presented should also be different. Students are encouraged to be creative in the way that they express what they learned during their Service Learning Project. At each Service Fair, students will be set up at tables around the cafeteria and attendees will be encouraged to walk around, look at displays, and talk to students. Because of this format, it is important that artifacts don't take up too much space or take too long to view.  They should also include important information about the project and be presented in a visually appealing way. Presenters should also provide attendees with a way to provide them with written feedback. Here are some possibilities: 
  • a trifold with photographs and text
  • a short film
  • actual work products from the service
  • a looping PowerPoint presentation
  • a creative portfolio 
  • a Prezi
  • a webpage
  • a video or board game
Whatever you choose, your method of presentation should be discussed with and approved by your mentor before you sign up for a presentation date. Here are some pictures of past presentations