Message from Principal

May 12, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians:

This morning the Manchester-Shortsville Central Middle and High school conducted a hold-in-place drill drill.  School staff and students are secured in rooms as they await further instructions by our public address system.  

Our drills are planned by our Emergency Response Committee, made up of faculty members and administrators in cooperation with the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office.  The purpose of conducting emergency drills is to assess our current procedures in order to make improvements.  Our Emergency Response Committee is already gathering feedback from our staff that will provide us with valuable information.  From the information we have gathered so far, the drill went very well.  Although they were not told when the drill was to occur, the staff and students were well informed about emergency procedures and the purpose of the drill.  The disruption to the school day was minimal.

In the event of a real emergency situation, our students and staff will understand the procedures they must follow to keep them safe.  It is also important for parents to understand that should a lock-down be necessary in the future, we will ask that parents not come to the school to pick their child up during the event.  If there was an intruder in the building, students will be locked within the classrooms, the police will be pursuing the intruder and the police department will prohibit entrance into the school.  Parents who would be picking their child up, would be asked to wait at the bus garage or another designated location.  

During a lockdown procedure or other emergency procedures, the use of cell phones is prohibited by students.  This is not only a safety concern, but also a concern of the possibility of disseminating inaccurate information.  We recognize communication between school and home is vital, especially in an emergency situation, therefore parents will be given instructions and as much information as we can share should they call the main offices.  Our priority during an emergency situation however, is with making sure your child is safe.   

As previously stated, in every emergency situation, our primary goal is to keep everyone safe.  We appreciate any support you can provide at home in impressing upon your children the importance of carrying out the drills seriously, quickly and calmly.  Please feel free to contact the school should you have any questions or require additional information.